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Import Rhino geometry

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More complex forms modelled in Rhino, as e.g. rounded polysurfaces, ends being really messed up in Form Z.


I tried various formats, .dwf, SAT, .obj and .3dm, however no one works out very good.

- Even if it's just a polygon mesh with one single material on it doesn't render properly.


What am I doing wrong?



Thank You in advance.





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Thank you, @snow.

The DAE looks decent so far.



.3dm works to some extend, however, some geometry is unfortunately very poorly translated - as some screen dumps shows in my first message.


I guess I will have to model it from scratch in FMZ to get the result I'm looking for.


Thank you for your help.


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For nurbs I have had the best luck with step files. You may want to import the polyobjects separately using obj.

3dm importer is sketchy in FZ and often has flipped normals on much of the geometry. The object doctor can sometimes fix this but overall rather than messing around with that just use step.

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