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Layer manager suggestion

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Here's an easy one.  I'm working on a building with multiple components.  Exterior, Interior, FFE, etc.  I'm old school so I have things divided up by layers.  The issue is going back and forth between different layer configurations.  (In C4D I would use TAKES) I was trying to do this with the Scene's pallet which I haven't really used before, but that doesn't appear to do what I'm after.  If I could suggest adding 3-4 configuration buttons to the top of the pallet. (see the attached image) It could be as simple as setting your layers like you want then CNTL-LMB to save the configuration to that button.  That way you could always click the button and have bring the configuration back.  Make sense?  Easy to do? thanks.


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Scenes should work for what you want, although requires a small bit of tinkering; I use it this way:

(If using lots of components I guess it gets more complex - so this is the "simple" approach)


- Make a new EMPTY Layer and name it ("empty", "1234" "TAKES", whatever), make it the active Layer (and Lock it if desired).

- Select the other layers you want to be visible

- Select a view you want to start from (i.e. Top view / Fit all)

- click the scenes palette and name your scene, uncheck the red dot and click the lock. Done


The thing is that the "active" Layer is always active, which can cause confusion.

Downside:  when you want to get to your saved scene you have to start by making the empty/Neutral Layer active first.

Then click your saved scene, then activate the Layer you want to work on.

Does that work for you ?




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