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Flickering in animation

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This is a 4 seconds SL16 render... http://www.imagix.dk/ftp/sequence_01.mp4

It's been cropped to show a darker portion of the image that has quite a bit of flickering! There is noise too, but that's expected and can be reduced using a different lighting setup.
Question is... What's causing the flickering and how do I avoid it? Maybe...
- meshing the floor plane
- not using grass for the carpet
- avoiding specific light types
- anything else
Recommendations much appreciated!!
(PS I posted this on the Maxwell render forums as well, but decided to post here as well in case it's a formZ+Maxwell thing)

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I've not seen that before. If you can send a reduced formZ project file that reproduces the issue, I'd be happy to take a look.


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The animation was done on Rebusfarm. I had a high limit (200 euros) on the render but it seems it wasn't enough. I think it varied how high SL each frame reached and that caused the flickering.


I did the same render on another farm today with no ceiling. It reached SL16 (25 frames). They all look clean and even.

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