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Guide snapping

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This is a pretty basic technique I know but it seems to have eluded me. Not sure when I last had it working.

I seem to have the equivalent of inference snapping missing. No grey perpendicular guide snap conditions. What could be turned off to stop me getting these?

I have tried different background colours, so no conflict there. I don't normally use grid snap, but have also tried with it on in case that was it. I get the magenta guides ok after previously snapping to something which didn't align with the grid.



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Have you tried resetting your preferences?  We tested this on our systems and it is working fine.  It is very difficult to see the gray line on the blue background, but a gray snap point appears on the original point, showing the perpendicular snap. 


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Thanks Tech. Ok, I understand now, it is designed to work only perpendicular to the starting vertex of the vector line. I had been wrongly looking for other inferencing at an earlier stage, trying to inference off vertexes and mid-points of other segments of the vector line and also parts of another object; but these actually require placing a guide snap, when snapping parallel to rather than directly onto another snap-able position. I'm just spending a little time today trying to clean up modelling habits to become more efficient, this area was a bit grey to me.

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