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Bo Atkinson

Action Palette Disappeared?

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Suddenly it seemed to have disappeared !


Please advise if you have a sure way to restore Action Palette. Longwinded explanation follows....


The Extension Manager said it is there (and allows unchecking and rechecking).  The proceeding user inputs included some shortcut keying, some of which made the palette's Dock blink, (but seen only with the corner of the eye and ignored in the midst of my creativity, darn).


So back I went to attempt finding the key combination I roughly used with my very selective short cut preferences. (This happened to use keys In the upper right hand part of the keyboard). No reappearance occurs with all other key combos in that area....


Rebooting Mac Pro with Pram does not reset it...


Then I unchecked the "Action" option in the Extensions Manager, restarted Z. Then looked for the Action option but it now has disappeared from the Extension Manager!


Next changing the folder name... It did bring back the Palette under the Palette MenuExtension but still no Action Palette anywhere on the display. I Closed the Tool Dock, Palette Dock, move floating palettes away....Still no Action Palette.

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