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Avoiding Solid object becoming Surface object

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I have an object which has undergone several processes, firstly created in FZ as a couple of revolved profiles, but with other parts unioned on or differenced away etc.

It is somewhat imperfect having been through a number of operations and although I normally regularly use object doctor, unmesh, reduce-mesh on objects if required, if I do much more to this object it wants to turn into a surface object as it apparently contains holes. Is there a best practice to rescue an object like this so it won't inadvertently turn to surface? I tried 3d mesh on a copy of it, but which exacerbated problems. I'm keeping a copy as a backup but wondered if there is an easy repair. Did I used to get a warning message if an object was about to turn to surface? If I did and switched it off how do I switch it on again?






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My2¢. Keep the object as smooth as long as is possible. The issues are likely coming from mesh reductions to the polygon object happening with the object doctor. You may want to 2d section for patterns and then rebuild with smooth curves extruded and or revolved at this point for this particular object.

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Thanks Andrew. Marc at FZ support has also recommended triangulate, options: triangulate all faces to help to fix solid object problems. I expect in effect this is what exporting to 3DS may include.

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