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THEA RENDER - How to get cameras correctly to Thea

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i have Problems with getting my camera positions from FormZ to Thea. I would like to do a Sketch Render in FormZ and high Quality Rendering in Thea from the same model. Therefore i Need exactly the same camera Position and Resolution.

I would like to make the high Quality Rendering directly in Thea Studio and not in FormZ but when exporting the camera positions are not the exactly the same.


Please help!




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Hi Walter,


Can you send an e-mail to formz [at] thearender.com describing the problem?

If you believe this could be a bug please also include a sample file demonstrating the issue, if possible.




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Walter, this has worked for me, the trick being that in FZ "Image options" it helps to set a fixed ratio (i.e. 1920/1080)

If rendered directly  in darkroom, check "resolution: FZ window" and "keep aspect ratio"( then save your rendering and the FZ shaded view for combining in Photoshop).

Or: export your scene and render in Thea studio-darkroom, this has also worked for me.

(Export your scene to Thea Studio and go: >Scene>tree view> cameras > saved view  in Thea, hit darkroom tab, render)


I have not tried any higher resolutions though - is that where it gets inaccurate ?


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Hi Walter.

I faced the same problem and here is a workaround:

Make a new file with camera you would like to have in the scene

Export to Thea Scene

Open your main Thea scene

File -> Merge Scenes

Voila! Your camera is in there.


If you need multiple cams chose next cam in your FormZ scene and export to Thea Studio again. Merge to main scene.

Unfortunately despite my request to import multiple cams at once SI would not managed to get it in last update.




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