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Dynamic alignment guides


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Wondering how hard would it be to have dynamic alignment guides to assist in aligning objects to each other? Even if it is restricted to the 2d views.


Many of my drawing programs like Corel, Draw Plus etc all have this and MOI has something similar. It is much faster than jumping over to the alignment tool menu.

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That is what I use now but dynamic guides will automatically assist alignment without the need to select target objects.

I could see it working this way:

left click approx the middle of an object or group and as you drag the object the guides will want to constrain to nearest angle and within a radius or screen view show guides to other unselected objects to their edges or centers.

Selecting the side of an object or group would show the guides on the side.


I think ideally it would work best by holding down a modifier key to help reduce lag. This way it is only invoked when the key is depressed. Old Amapi Pro had this using the shift key to invoke snaps.

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Isn't that what happens when you have Allow Drag checked in the Pick Tool Options?


• Draw a cube

• Turn on Guide Snap and Angle Guide Snap

• Select the Pick tool (make sure Allow Drag is checked), Left-Click and hold in the center of the cube and drag the object around the project window.  The guides automatically show up and you can snap to them.


If you want the guides to show up on the edges/corners of the object, select the Move tool (not the Pick tool) and click (do not hold) the left mouse button on the corner of the cube and you can move it along the guide.


If you are proposing that all these guides show up automatically, this starts looking a little too cluttered (see attached image)


Also, we do not have access to Amapi Pro since it was last released over 11 years ago, so we are unable to compare our software with theirs. 


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Not behaving that way here. I have allow drag on and the guides show but don't move with the selected object.

Dynamic guides will seek to align to something based on options selected ie edge, centroid etc. Obviously this can drastically make the program sluggish if you have all snap options on and have a complex scene.


I'll see if i can post a capture of what I am talking about.

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Kac, have you tried the shift key alignment? When moving or drawing, you can hold the shift key while the cursor is over one of the automatic guides. Then you will get another (grey coloured) guide perpendicular to the auto guide. I use this all the time while modelling.

Maybe not exactly what you want, but good nevertheless.





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