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Formz wishlist part 2


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Formz wishlist part 2



Drag and Drop

More drag and drop functionality in the List Palettes as below:


The selection fields in Tool Options - Pick to be drag and dropped onto the Selection Sets window to create a new set or on to an existing set to append (see earlier wish in part 1 for all topologies to be added to selection sets).


Drag and drop 1 layer on to another to merge layers (or a selection of layers on to a layer).


Drag and drop a selection set on to an existing layer to change layer status of objects (or drop onto empty space to create a new layer for the enclosed objects).


Drag and drop objects on to other objects to create groups.


Drag and drop selection sets to merge.



Selection Set Naming

The number of enclosed objects to be automatically appended to the name. (selection 1 - 12 Objects, 2 Lights).



List Palette functionality

Being able to switch off ghosting in the pick order - by this I mean I do not want to get rid of ghosting but when clicking an icon to change its visibility I do not want ghosting to appear as an option. More often than not I just want to swap between on or off and would rather, if I needed, ghosting achieved this with a key - mouse combo.

I know that there is the hide ghosted check in the shading display options - but not quite the same thing.



Zoom In By Frame

Option to drag the rectangle from the corner rather than it springing from the centre.



Hidden Line Display

Live hidden line mode  (I prefer to work in hidden line- I find it cleaner)- I cheat here by adding a 1000% ambient material to everything - hence one of the reasons why I asked earlier about scenes including material attachment - make it handy to change back and forth - but a live hidden line would be better (my memory might be a bit shaky but didn’t it used to work this way?



Silhouette Edges

Control for thickness of silhouette and interior edges on shaded work and shaded full displays (like the hidden line option)



Backface snapping

Snapping to hidden topologies on backfaces without having to switch to a wireframe mode - perhaps a pre-snap to first guess and then accept if correct - (the pre-snap, say a key-click combo, would override the reference plane face selection). Snapping close to where say a corner was would pre snap to that corner and then accepting would put you back to normal input.

The snapped to segments would be temporarily highlighted to give feedback that the correct snap had been chosen - so for the corner example the 3 joining segments would be highlighted.


This prepick function would also be handy for the Extend tool which does not seem to work in wireframe (I just get constant m



Measure Distance

A couple of options - cumulative option for the measure distance tool - points are measured from the first point and are reported back as distances from the first point. Escape to quit out.

Or similar but the points are displayed as distances from the last point. Escape to quit out.

When measure in these option modes then the measurements for all the points queried remain on screen until the escape.


Same for measure angle.



Move Tool

A rectangular array option when in the copy mode. Similar to the multi-copy (same even increment and divide distance options) but the row remains selected on placement to then place the columns.


It would also be nice if these multi copy options could also be live - change after placement to update.





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