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Maxwell FormZ PlugIn or Maxwell Studio


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Hi Ingoerik,


Maxwell for formZ is a formZ plugin that converts your project into a Maxwell scene and launches Maxwell to render it in the background, so you can continue working in formZ. The plugin supports nearly all of Maxwell's advanced features, such as interactive preview rendering within formZ (Maxwell Fire), real camera optics, render time grass and scattering, denoiser for fast rendering, etc.

Maxwell Studio is a standalone Maxwell scene editor. It is primarily intended for 3D applications that do not have a plugin integration. Some larger offices use it to collect and merge Maxwell scenes made on different platforms (formZ, Maya, 3DS, etc.) into a single scene for final rendering.

Maxwell Render is the application that does the actual rendering. It comes with all plugin integrations, and with Studio. There's also distributed network rendering.

It looks like Maxwell 1 and 2 are in end-of-life status. Next limit is offering an extra 15% off if these licenses are upgraded before June 30th, 2017. After that date, those products can't be upgraded and would require the purchase of a new license.

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