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Profiles dimensions pulldown menu

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it must`ve been asked before - it would be fantastic to have a pulldown menu to select some standard Format beams IPE, HEA..etc. (thats for european) , like i.e. Vectorworks has it.

Also the "H-Bar" does not really exist over here on the old continent, it is always looked at "standing" (so 90 deg rotated), just like the "T-Bar" - thus also called "double T") or "wide Flange".

So some basic sizes for U-H (double T/wide Flange) - would be great even when keeping the simplified geometry (without the rounding). 


This tool is great but somehow defeated when I have to export dwg with profiles from Vectorworks and then extrude it - or look up dimensions in the dictionary and type it all in each time.


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Some years later...Bump... 😆

Also the "Profiles_Diagrams.tif" previews seem nor to appear in 9.1 - is this a common issue ?

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