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Layout • Adding a Scale Drawing Detail

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Hi All,

There are a lot of serious problems with Layout. 

Dimensioning and writing notes is a painful process and often fails, text moves when you print to PDF.

Issuing drawings that way is as near to hell as I have come, and I have been in it deep before.

Support are still 'busy' with this issue.

I noticed this morning on a detail drawing I have put a circumference dimension on, the dimension text was changing as I scrolled the zoom. That is scary, particularly when the drawing has been sent out. What dim. was it showing, I ll have to check the PDF and panic over all those dims. FFS guys !

Once you have ungrouped a drawing in a frame the dimensions revert to actual dims not what they represent in scale.

You cannot draw to scale even on new sheet. Why ?


FormZ is great for 3D but for BIM it is failing me.

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Currently, scale is only assigned to the formZ project that is imported via the Layout Frame.  We are looking into support for using drawing tools to this assigned in formZ 9.

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