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On 5/24/2017 at 5:47 PM, Des said:

You know, it's stuff like this that'll sell FormZ and Maxwell.

Hello Pipo
Your work is truly exceptional !!
It should be featured on the front page of the formZ site! Even if it's not Vray ...
I never doubted Maxwell's ability ...

But above all that work !!!
It is very impressive.

Can you tell us a little more about the massive scenes treated with LUMION?
I understand that you reserve Maxwell for still images and Lumion for video ...

Do you have clients for whom Lumion's real-time rendering is decisive? for example for VR use?

What are the reasons that led you to choose Lumion rather than Twinmotion or Unreal?
It seems that Unreal in particular responds perfectly to real time demand with the highest level of realism (the lumion or twinmotion are more limited but much faster to use ...)

What is your process for transferring FormZ files to Lumion?

Do you regret that no plugin for these software exists? (in particular for the synchronization of the scenes ...)

The arrival of Python code could perhaps change that if we had in our community one or more interested and available developers ...

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Thanks J for the complimentary words

Lumion is by no means a perfect tool , It excels primarily in speed and setup

With regard to our animations however, they are primarily studies or competitions , not marketing or sales quality output which is not achievable with Lumion.

We don't do any realtime yet ....have considered Unreal as a future consideration however.....

With our larger scenes there is often a small sketchup component (not the instancing type)

The (more) detailed modelling in fz and some massing elements and landform terrain etc in sketchup

Also easier to work with google maps and faster to paint up in skp...

Lumion imports various file types so no issue here , the lack of a live plugin is no issue , on sketchup I don't even bother with it.

Lumion prefers fz files in dxf , dwg .....3ds and obj also.

With regard to plugins I will surely be in the minority here

With maxwell I only use the plugin to export into studio...fz and maxwell never operate simultaneously

I just prefer it this way , same with fz lumion....export the file , import the file . 

Also we are working with some pretty huge files so stability is always optimum with only one app open







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Thanks for sharing pipo, I always look forward to seeing your renders, they are fantastic! (and varied)

As allanjl said here before "they always kick butt"

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Always appreciate your comments guys

Just happy there is still a trickle of work to show !



Edited by pipo

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