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Component NOT update

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We are not sure what you are asking here... if you have embedded components, that means they are saved ONLY to the project file, not in another designated file on your computer.  External components are saved in an external folder like on your desktop, but they are referenced when the file is opened (which can be seen in File > Project Info > Linked Files)


When editing components (either Embedded or External), right click on the component in the Component Manager and select Open "[component name]."  This opens the component in it's own project window.  Make the desired changes here, go to File > Save, then close out of this component-only project window.  Your component in the file should update automatically.  External components will show the Linked Files dialogue first.  


Does this not work for you?  If not can you post your file (or send it to support@formz.com) so we can further assist you?

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dubir there have been many times that a user component (external) needed to replace the embedded does not sync with the embedded versions. I have found that I needed to replace the embedded components that are active in project with user components to reestablish links... it is a disconnect that has been going on for years.

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