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The Trim Tool used to be able to close a single open line.  Can this functionality be reinstated?  The workarounds are very time consuming. It is notable that this used to be an option of the Close Line Tool; which did work, but was a less desirable option because it involved the extra steps of adjusting options within the tool.



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Hi setz, 


In regards to the Close Line tool, can you please explain "the extra steps of adjusting options within the tool?"


If we draw an Open Wire (using splines or vector lines), select the Close Line tool and click on the Open Wire, a single segment is drawn between the two endpoints, thus closing the open wire.  Is this not working for you?



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The first example shows the test example. The second example shows the desired results of using Trim Tool as it functioned in FZ V6.  The third example uses the current Close Line Tool.


I mentioned the "extra steps" because in V6 the Close Tool had three options; Trim, Join, Connect.  In V8 the Close Line Tool performs only the Connect function.  I would much rather have the Trim Tool be able to function as shown in the second example rather than have the Close Line Tool have the old V6 options added to it - I'm just second guessing how ADS may choose to resolve this, and I have a strong preference.  :)


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