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Cross Section _ Hatch pattern selection?

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When I check Hatch ON for Cross Sections in the PICK Tool Options dialog, there is only one Selected Hatch (ie. Angled Linear) available in the image box. 




My first thought was to click the Hatch Palette and select a new hatch pattern.  I was hoping this would become the Selected Hatch for the cross section ... but that is not the case. 


The FormZ Pro Manual is silent on how this is accomplished.  Either I'm witnessing a bug or there is a hidden means to accomplish this task.


How does one select hatch patterns from the Hatch Palette and make them the Cross Section hatch?

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OK.  I see ... one doesn't simply click or double click a new pattern in the Hatch Palette but must drag it and place it over the Selected Hatch image.   Again I feel the FormZ Pro Manual could be a little more explicit.

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Yes, you need to drag and drop the Hatch Pattern into the "Selected Hatch" field, similar to the drag-and-drop method when adding a hatch or a material to an object.

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