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View Parameters Palette - Dynamic edit

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The View Parameters dialog allows one to type a new value for the Perspective Parameters. 


It would be useful to be able to dynamically edit a view using the Set View icon.  I would like to suggest that the Set View icon be added to the View Parameter's dialog box.  This would be more intuitive than adjusting the camera position (by turning on the visibility and adjusting target and eye position) or entering new values in the edit boxes.




Another suggestion is that a description of the View Palette and Scene Palette be added to the FormZ Pro Manual.  These are missing.

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Hi Paul, 


Perhaps you are looking for the Edit Cone of Vision screen.  This Displays multiple viewports where you can dynamically edit the view along with all of the information in the View Parameters box.  Does that do what you want?

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I think what Paul is looking for has been requested before.




It would be great if you could take an already saved view, select it, and edit it dynamically in the cone of vision, and have it automatically update that views saved parameters, without having to resave a new view.

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I have not been very clear about what I was suggesting.   I'll try to explain.


It is very easy to create a View or Scene using the View Palette or Scene Palettes.  I like to use the Navigation tools (ie  Set View, Hand, Zoom using my middle mouse button).

Once one gets the View in the modeling window the way one likes clicking the green (+) button in the Views palette creates that view.  Easy peezy.


To UPDATE  that newly created View one either double clicks a view name or right-clicks the view name. This brings up the View Parameters dialog.  I find this dialog box not very intuitive to use.


I would rather:

1. Activate a chosen View.  (Click red button in the Views Palette)

2. Change my View or Scene in the Modeling Window using the Navigation tools (Set View, Hand, Zoom etc).

3. Double-Click or Right-Click the Active View and Select an UPDATE VIEWS/ SCENES button.


See attached:  post-20019-0-89438500-1493074069_thumb.png


An alternative to step 3 would be to have a new Update button on the View Palette or Scenes Palette. This would be similar to how SketchUP allows one to update a Scene. post-20019-0-54066100-1493074123_thumb.png  (The two arced arrows are SU's symbol for updating a Scene).


As a newbie I find the Edit Cone of Vision concept cumbersome to use and tend to avoid it when the Navigation tools are so much more intuitive.


Hope I've made this clearer.  Sorry for the confusion.


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I see that editing the Scenes palette (link: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/4900-scenes/?hl=%2Bscene+%2Bpalette&do=findComment&comment=17779) is as simple as: 


1. Activating the Scene with the "Make Active" button

2. Making changes in the Modeling Window (Alternately: Right-click the name_ to open the context menu_select edit_make changes in the Scene Options dialog) 

3. Click the "Make Active" button to make the Scene inactive.


The "Make Active" button in the Scenes Palette makes a scene active for editing in the modeling window.  


This is not the case for the Views Palette.  By clicking the "Make Active" button in the View Palette and clicking in the Modeling Window the View becomes inactive.   The editing procedure is different from that of the Scenes Palette.  


Revised Suggestion:  Fix the "Make Active" button of the View Menu so that it remains active when one edits in the Modeling Window in the same way that the "Make Active" button does in the Scenes Palette. 


Also, Please revise the FormZ Pro Manual to include the use of the Views Palette and Scenes Palette.  

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