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There has been a bit of negative buzz about Thea for FormZ since the hiatus of the paid version.  According to Solid Iris, there seems to be a lack of interest on many of their integrations like FormZ.  While they are focusing their energies on preparing for another big release, the Thea for FormZ integration and many others will left as-is to evaluate its interest moving forward.   I really like Thea for FormZ, and in an effort to help generate some interest, I am hoping that this thread might inspire other FormZ users to give Thea a shot.  There are some great websites and videos that can help you adapt to Thea in no time.  Thea is a very fast and friendly renderer.  The multiple engine options are great for finding the right fit for your application.  


This website covers nearly everything you need to know to get up to speed using Thea.  He uses Rhino, but all the Thea features and functions look similar and act the same.  Be sure to check out his shared Materials for download.  The Architecture group has over 1000 excellent ready to render Thea textures.








I designed this trade show exhibit concept for Pierre Fabre, a pharmaceutical and cosmetics company.  Built entirely in FormZ 8 and rendered with Thea for FormZ.  Each shot took less than 2min to render, and have ZERO post processing, as that is what our quick turn industry typically demands.  Even with my modest GPU (GTX 680) and 12 Core Mac Pro, the times are very good.  I plan on upgrading to (2) GTX 1070s and stretch a little more life out of this Mac, while more than doubling the Thea rendering speed.  You can download the Thea Benchmark tool here and compare your computers rendering speed. - https://www.thearender.com/benchmark/results3.php










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Hi Justin.

Pretty nice project!

Let warn you against upgrading to 1070. It is not supported yet. For that price I`d buy 980 and get best results possible.



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Another exhibit design concept of mine:


This one is for a large retail developer, RED.  The space is being used to host B2B meetings and provide a comfortable place to develop quality leads and sign new leases with retail, restaurant, and service uses as a result of attending each show.  


Again, I had these all limited to 2 min renders using Thea's Presto engine.  This was the first project I ever used with Thea, and while it took a few extra hours to get an overall lighting scene setup, this was easily duplicated for future projects rendered with Thea.  Going through the process of learning how to setup my typical trade show lighting scene, building new materials, and especially working with emitter materials, made me really want to learn more and keep using Thea for the foreseeable future.  The simplicity of showing LED lighting effects and backlit graphics using emitter materials is a huge selling point for me.  Once you've used this style of rendering, going back to RenderZone is tough.  Being able to see the rendered image instantly, albeit with lots of grain, and then quickly improve, makes the texturing, lighting, and rendering process much more fun and interactive.  This is where the speed really comes into play.  














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