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Maxwell, system requirements

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So Maxwell frowns upon 2 point perspective? If I reset up to 3 point, Maxwell will be happy and match perfectly? I'm going to give that a test run and also your suggestion of picking the view Via the fire window. Neither are ideal solutions but work arounds are good alternatives! 

hmmm. so the "select view in fire" solved the crop off the top issue but still distorts the image and does not match the fz 2 point perspective view Hidden line. Also limits the user's view options pretty significantly. This is disappointing! I had high hopes. Yes the 3 point perspective matches, but again, unfortunately it limits the user's view capabilities to real worldish views when artistic flexibility and artistic license is needed for a better compositions. So I'm to gather that there is absolutely no way to match a fz renderzone 2 point perspective with a maxwell guesstimated 2 point perspective?

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formZ's 2-point perspective is based on a illustration convention and is not capable of being rendered in Maxwell. Maxwell render models a physical camera, which can accurately simulate a real-life shift-lens. A shift-lens camera provides a similar look to formZ's  2-point perspective, but the two are are fundamentally different and cannot be matched.


The shift-lens "approximate 2D perspective" feature is provided as a convenience to help users set up shift lens cameras in Maxwell more quickly and intuitively.


If you do not want to use formZ's 2-point perspective views to approximate the shift-lens camera, disable the feature by unchecking the box indicated in the screen capture below. Then, enable formZ's 3-point perspective and adjust the "Horz. Shift" and "Vert. Shift" controls while Fire is enabled. This is the manual way to set up shift-lens views; you will most likely agree that the 'approximate 2D perspective' view is a lot easier to use.



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