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Chrome wheel modeled with sub-division

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Here is a model that I created while playing around with the sub-d tools. I didn't use a reference photo as I just did it from memory.

It's reminiscent of the "Cragar S/S" wheels that were popular in the 1970s.


The wheel itself is one sub-divided mesh. The remaining parts were modeled with the standard FZ toolset.

I have attached a finished rendering, and a screenshot of the wheel mesh.


One of the keys to sub-division modeling is to keep the mesh as clean as possible.

It can get messy real fast, and removing the excess geometry is generally quite a bit more work that adding it was.


Happy modeling.



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Send me 4 for my Farrari


Maybe someday I will get around to trying to model a car to go with it. I did quite a few of them when I was using Cinema 4D, but I haven't tackled one using. FZ

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