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Water rendering / bump maps / tutorials?

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I'm looking for some guidance on creating a nice rendered water. I'm figuring it's going to be bump map / reflectivity operation in renderzone but rather spend copious amounts of trial and error time. I was wondering if anyone knew of tutorials or how to's they can point me to. I'm looking to achieve a water rendered similar to that in the attached image. Any suggestions or help?


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Just got back in the office and saw your post.  No problem.  I have been working on my water texture maps for a little over 25 years so here is what I have learned:

Use one of these attachments as a bump map.  Set the scale as needed based on what you are working on.

For reflections I use Glass Accurate with these settings:

Ambient at 33

Diffuse at 40

Specular at 260

Reflectivity at 90

Transmission at 0

Roughness at 0.9

Refraction at 1.1


Then under transparency use at a factor of 24%.  This is variable depending on the circumstances (day or night with underwater lights).


This is also critical: set the same map as a bump map with a smoothness of 200% and an amplitude of -22%. 


Personally I do a lot of pools and infinity edge pools in resorts so I use the Water 10 map a lot.  It is not tileable so make sure that you set the texture map to mirror.  The settings in Renderzone if you use that are critical. Make sure that you have the number of recursive rays set to 4, the minimum ray contribution to 1 and the antialias sample to 1. 


I use Maxwell a fair amount on water images so if anyone needs those settings I have them if you want.  Just ask: andrew@westillustration.com


Hope this helps.







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