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Script to RESUME rendering a MXS file?

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Sorry, it is not what I need.

That script also restarts rendering the mxs once the script was paused.

That script works as one work flow only.

It is good for producing a row of renderings with each mxs being upgraded a bit, then the next.

Upgrading runs in portions over all files.


I would wish for a script tthat does what I can do manually with one mxs.

Pause and resume.


Let´s say I have three mxs that I need rendered over night.

I start a script in the evening and when I come back the next day, maybe two are through, one is unfinished.

But, I need to work on my machine and have to pause the last render job.

Stopping the running script does no allow me to reengage into the last unfinished job.

It starts from the beginning when I reinvoke the sricpt.

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