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Resuming a Network Render

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Dear Pylon & Friends,

This is hopefully a simple question to answer but it's got me stumped. Sometimes I'll network render a scene to a finished SL, let's say SL 17 for example.  Then I open the MXI, look it over and decide I'd like to bring it up to SL 18 or 19 for extra clarity.  What are the exact steps to RESUME the network render at that point (rather than re-rendering from scratch again?)


I selected the Job name in Monitor and pressed the "Resume Job" button (top icons, fourth from left.)

That resulted in "ERROR: cannot find MXI to resume job."  I also tried to select the job in the Monitor and Edit Job to raise the SL but that only works when the network render is in progress.  I also tried Add Job to resume but that doesn't work.   


I'm using FormZ 8.5.6 and Maxwell by the way.


Thanks!  Sven

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Hi SvenJohn


Here's the documentation I was able to find: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/maxwell4/Resuming+a+job+with+the+Network


It would seem that the MXI filename or location is not being found. You might want to send a help ticket into Next Limit if you need further help with Network Rendering issues.


(I usually do it the other way around: I set my SL at the high end of what I think may be necessary. If I'm in a hurry, I check the images' progress periodically, and manually stop any renderings that are noise-free enough before my higher SL is reached.)


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Hi Ben, yes, you are on the right track with this.  I've been in touch with Next Limit about it and your advice is correct, the two methods you mention are the two ways to resume

a network render:  1.  "Add a network job as usual through the network wizard and if Maxwell detects that there is already an MXI in the output location with the same name as the output specified when adding the job, it will ask you if you wish to resume the render."  and 2.  in Monitor, use the "Resume Job" toolbar button.


In my case though, I am having problems with Monitor finding the mxi output file path.  The problem might be with using the "Retry" button to establish the MXI output network path (in the Render Options dialog in the Network Jobs Wizard.)  According to Next Limit, using the "Retry" button breaks the output path in many cases, so use the "Yes" option instead.  I am testing this now and will comment when I can figure out where the problem is.  Thanks!


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Ok, that was the issue.  I was using "Retry" in Network Jobs Wizard and it was breaking the MXI output path.  Use "Yes" instead and the path is retained (at least in my case!)

Problem solved.

Of note:  Next Limit informed me that "As a side note, in the next months we have plans to replace the network system with a more robust one on what we have in Early Builds site as Technology Preview. We already have it running on Azure without hiccups."

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