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Handle underlay via API

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Hi Z tech,
This is my tiny palette (script).
It allows me to reload underlay images by 1 click, and toggle on/off in formZ v6.6.2.
But it does not work on v8.5.6.
Please advice me to make it work fine on v8.5.
This one also does not work in v8.5
It allows me match scale of underlay images to actual size in project using length of drawn single line .
Also it can be used for moving underlay images by drawn arrow (3 points vetorline).




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Well ,Personally, I would like AutoDesSys to keep going maintenance for FSL since I have been made hundreds of scripts so far.

In the meanwhile, I also welcome Python Scripting in formZ.

I use 'PyMel' in Maya. (*Pythonic version of Maya embed language)


Anyway I am happy to help beta test of Python scripting in the future version of formZ.



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They may,  Utility scripts do still work.  So, the underlying system is still there  (of course, that may change with 9).

I suspect that the underlying architecture of things like the FUIM   and possibly the callbacks may have changed thus breaking all others.


True, it would be convenient to keep FSL Running for at least versions 9.x  to give time to transition to Python.

I am looking forward to converting my scripts over ( I don't have hundreds though )


We have not been told what to expect for the environment.  We don't know if it will use the Systems install with fZ Libraries loaded.  Or does it use a "Python" type syntax and have it's own interpreter/Compiler.    I am hoping for the Former, so that there can be integration into the system.


Too, there has been some very scant hints of a visual scripting environment added too.  Alas,  there is even less info on that.  Don't know if it will be included with 9  or yet a later release.



I too am willing and ready to beta test the Scripting SDK.   Will even Alpha test.  I would like to shake out any bugs right away!


Tech/Dev?????????    Hint, Hint  ;)






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the missing of most of the so useful scripts by takeharu and chris from V6 is really a pain. i always expected them to reappear through the FZ labs, but apart of a few ones, this is still a void to be filled. hopefully someone at FZ development will take care of that.


btw. the two underlay scripts would be very useful to have!!



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Tech posted  a comment on a thread just the other day about the coming scripting capabilities.  



Though, no mention of the status of FSL, the upcoming python looks good to me!

If FSL isn't restored, then I will rebuild mine to python.  as well as many more to come!



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