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FormZ Pro (Version 8) - Section Tool not in Wireframe Mode?

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Dear FormZetters,


coming from Version 6.7.3 and maneuvering through Version 8,

I found out that the Boolean section tool does not work in wireframe mode.

It works fine in shaded mode, though.

Is there a hidden option that I failed to activate or is it supposed to work like that?


Thanks in advance for any hints,


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Hi Suedpol,


We are not aware of any reasons you would have this issue.  Can you please copy only the 2 objects in question into a new project, save, zip, and attach it (with the More Reply Options below) so we can see what you are working with.


Also, we would highly recommend going through this Migration Guide carefully (and maybe the Picking section will answer your question -- but feel free to post the file now and investigate the rest of that valuable document later).  Here is the link for the Migration Guide::




Does that help?

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Got it.

Indeed, the new selection methods in V7 are worth a read.

Problem was that I could not select a cutting face properly in wireframe mode.

With the tab-opereted sub-selector, it works just fine now.


Thanks, Tech!

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