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Layout Glitches

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Just highlighting a couple of glitches that I have come across on numerous occasions in Layout mode.


• Note Text - text moves when you save as pdf. it generally shuffles up the page. i think this mostly happens if you type in a note with multiple lines of text. see attached screenshots of layout version then pdf version to see the movement in text.


• Dimensions Units and Display - file toggles between "use project" and "custom" when you make any changes in source file or if you set to "use project" before saving the file, it then jumps to "custom" on saving



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Hi Duncan,


Yes, multi-line note text can shift slightly when printing to PDF.  If you keep each line of text separate, then you can work around the problem for now (and obviously we want to get this corrected ASAP).


We are not reproducing the "2nd part."  Can you please save the simple FMZ and FML files into a new folder, zip the folder, and attach it so we can investigate this further.  


Thanks in advance!

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