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Input Palette - Lock Values

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We can inference lock using the SHIFT key when drawing or transforming objects. 

I'd like to suggest that this locking be taken another step forward by adding the ability to lock the values of the Input Palette.


This could be done by a shortcut key .... ALT + TAB.    That keyboard shortcut is not being used for anything in the Load Defaults ... button of the Key Shortcuts Manager.  


Unfortunately SHIFT + TAB was already taken by "Pick Parade - Previous" which actually works on the Input Palette to TAB backwards to the previous edit value box. 


Shift + TAB or  TAB could be used to "Unlock" the value if needed.

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Well, it appears that ... Alt + TAB is assigned in Windows10  to displaying all the current opened programs.  



This might be an issue.  FormZ would have to override Windows keyboard shortcut.  


Perhaps there is another keyboard shortcut or means to lock the Input Palette value text boxes?


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Locking input values would allow one to lock the cursor along an X,Y,Z axis or an angle (where permitted) leaving the cursor free to select remaining points in the same way as inference locking. 

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