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"Retina" resolution for modelling window?

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I just got one of those new 5K displays for my Mac. It's really great, but the one thing that isn't showing in "retina" is the FormZ modelling window (UI is) – and that's one of the things I was really looking forward to!


Why is this and can I do anything about it?



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Not sure what you mean.  Both my Form Z computers use Retina (27" iMac 5k and 13" MBP Retina).

My FormZ runs just fine on my Mac with 5K retina display. The dialogs etc. are all "retina sharp".


What isn't sharp is the work area – the main window. Lines are jagged in wireframe, shaded etc. They look exactly as they would on a monitor with half the resolution.


Other programs have this issues as well because they are not optimized for high resolution monitors. 

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