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Global X-Ray Display Toggle

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We have Shaded Work options of Auto X-ray and Fake Space.  I'd like to suggest a Global X-ray display added to the Display Options. A toggle between the default Shaded Work display and the Wire Frame display that could quickly be turned On and Off. 


With Auto X-ray ON when I move an object behind another, the object in front disappears.  This isn't what I'm looking for as I want to see a relationship between objects. Perhaps there's a setting I'm missing.  This isn't the reason however for my suggestion. My suggestion is rather for speed of changing between Shaded Work and a Global X-ray display.

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There is a much slower way to accomplish what I'm after however it would be too time consuming.  That is to open the Material Parameters dialog > select the Transparency tab > select Linear > slide the transparency slider ... then when done with the display ... following the same procedure to select None in the Transparency tab.  This would have to be done for each material of an object with multi-materials.   The Global X-ray would have its own transparency slider. 


Isolate Objects and Snap to Ghosted is perhaps close but not exactly.

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