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David Lemelin

What is this error message about?

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Hey everyone,


I am trying to meet a deadline tomorrow and Maxwell is giving me a weird error message in a format I'm not used to...


Trying to launch a full render on the network, I get THIS in the log. None of the errors are highlighted as usual, and I have no idea what the error is or what I'm supposed to do to fix them.


Working in FormZ Pro 8.5 with the Maxwell plug-in, on a MBP with 16gb ram. 


I'm clueless as to what's up.... I was able to render this file on Tuesday... no, errors.




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Hi David,


To see the lines above that the warnings and errors are referring to, you'll need to switch the display to "All Messages."


Please see "E1: Resource Could Not be Found" in the documentation here.


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