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hollow object?

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Here's something I've been seeing in this latest version.  Typically happens when an object is generated from imported geometry.  Started as a closed spline that came in from a DWG. Extruded it up.  Shows as a solid but looks hollow.  Doc doesn't fix it. Tried reversing  and converting it with no luck.  Usually I can pull a face off and extrude it to make a new piece of geometry but no luck.  


I did export it as a 3DS and re-imported it into Z. That one looks fine.  There's something here the doc isn't seeing.  Any ideas?  





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Hi archigraphica,

Your object has "Render As Shaded Surface" toggled off in the Pick Attributes. Just toggle it back on to show as a solid.

It extrudes inside out (sometime happens with imported geometry) so use the reverse direction tool.



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