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Justin Montoya

UI - Workspaces Palette, Ultimate Workspace Option

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By default, the Workspace Palette is a waste of screen real estate and valuable palette dock real estate.  It's rarely used in day to day work here.  While it's functionality could be argued, I do not think it is necessary to give it such a prominent default position.  Sure it's easy to turn off, but if everyone is doing that, maybe it shouldn't be there to begin with?


Personally, I would just eliminate the Workspace palette all together and use the Workspace menu at the top to access those.  Or even just have it turned off by default?


Furthermore, I think it would be great to have an option with all of the workspaces combined into one Ultimate, power user workspace.  Most of us using FormZ for a long time do not need to hide functions, and the side toolbar has plenty of height available for more default tools to be shown (on a 1920x1200 screen).  This side toolbar could just be better divided to show which tools applied to their 'workspace', Drafting, Animation, etc.  Because right now their is other dead space below the sidebar that is difficult to make use of.  


Overall, there is a lot of wasted space in this UI design that should be easily fixed.

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I'm totally agree with Justin's comments. Me too I hope that some revisions and changes will be made in this area in the next major version 9.0...


To be clear, I share my version of the workspace, which is very the different from the default one. I like it much more, although it almost seems like another software... ;)


Macbook Pro Retina 15" scaled to 1680 x 1050 pixels...



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I Like to have my workspace as large as possible, the Palette dock, only gets so small, with is never ending aggravation for me.  The limiting factors in the palette seems to be the Pick Tool Topological icons, then next would be the Extrusion type options when drawing new items or shapes (Draw 1/Shapes tool bar)


If we could make or have the choice of making the icons here smaller, so the palette can be made smaller, would be real nice too.


Also, don't need the tool pallet icons to be as big as they are.   Can't find where to change their size (found the favorite tools popup location, but not the main tools palette)



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I had to reset my preferences to get it this way, but like ZTEC (Thanks!), I wanted to further increase the usability by removing unneeded palettes and slimming up what is actually needed to maximize the modeling window in a 16:9 ratio.  I love having the materials palette on the bottom.  There's still some strange gaps in the top toolbar, but this is a pretty good compromise, all things considered.  Here's the latest look-


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