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If a destination object has different materials on different faces, the Set Attributes tool fails to set the material of the source object to that destination object.  In the past, the settings from the Paint Tool, "Keep current Material of Faces" was respected during Set Attributes actions.  Can this be adjusted to it's previous behavior?


Also, when the Get/Set Attributes Tools are reintroduced, wink-wink, they too should respect the "Keep Surface Style of Faces"/"Clear All Face Surface Style" settings from the Paint Tool as well.  Eg. It would be really powerful if the Get/Set Attributes Tools were applicable not just to objects, but on a face topological level as well; being able to choose a attributes from a face and then apply it to a whole object or to choose attributes from an object and then being able to apply them to a single face in addition to face-face and object-object.  A lot of the attributes are not applicable between faces and objects, but Texture Mapping and Material assignment would definitely be useful.

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