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formZ Pro 8.5.6 - 3D wall tool Options

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Now I am working on the Day Care Center. I first created tthe foundation wall

and it was easy and it solid that is well formed. The problem I am having on my 27" 

iMac with formZ Pro 8.5.6 is in tools options I fist seclected the 3D wall tool options

with the Top Closed. So, I went to the Parmenter Tab and desected the Top be Closed.

I clicked O.K. and then when closed the tool options dialog and was in modeling window

the wall top remained when I should have been removed.


Any thoughts?




Dan S.





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Dear Dan,


You emailed the exact same thing to us, and we have replied to your email.  Please ONLY email OR post to the forum but not both, as it duplicates efforts to help you and delays help for others.

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