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form•Z 8.5.6 Update Released!

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We are pleased to announce that the formZ 8.5.6 update is now available for pro, jr, free and student editions.


To update, just select Check for Update from the the formZ Help Menu to automatically update your v8.5 software.


If you have any issues with the automatic updates, you can access the full download using the links you received in the email you received with your registration codes, or you can download just the updated application folder here: http://www.formz.com/update


NOTE:  Please contact us directly at support@formz.com or start a NEW forum thread if you have any feedback or issues.



Highlights of improvements in this version include (but are not limited to):


• Numeric input now works properly for the reshape and extrusion tools. 
• Subdivision tools work properly on subd objects that have at least one original face with more than 4 sides or have an open edge (i.e. are a surface).
• Export Component To Library now works properly.
• Controlled rounding objects are now selectable after they are created (no longer need to save and re-open file to pick them). 
• Group Extents are no longer displayed when the group is invisible.
• Picking the last material in the materials palette now works properly when the palette is certain widths.
• form•Z v6 files that contain cloned objects now load properly.
• DWG export of files with grouped objects now works properly. 
• DWG export now removes invalid characters from layer names. 
• Point cloud objects now display properly. 
• Group extents now show properly when groups are picked,
• Graphics performance for files with large number of objects has been restored. 
• Tabbing between text fields no longer generates Internal Error on MacOS Sierra 10.12.
• STEP import/export now works on OS X 10.9. 
• Notes have new placement options. Notes in files opened from older versions now have a legacy placement type to retain previous position of notes. 
• The snap guides shown at the first click of the Rotate tool, are now preserved after the second click. 


Notes for the v8.5.5 release can be found here:  http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/4188-form%E2%80%A2z-855-update-released/

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Any news about the next update, 8.5.7, because still some important bugs appear in version 8.5.6. One is the reshape tool that ruins the geometry, (I sent you screen movies about this).


Hope to hear (update) from you soon.

Thank you in advance.



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Hi Hugo,


Yes, we are working on more updates for the not too distant future.  ;)


We see that you have found a case whereby changing options mid operation can result in an object that is not selectable until the file is saved and reopened.  Thanks for your report, we will get this corrected.  If you have anything else, please send an email to support@formz.com with details so we can make sure that everything is addressed.  :)

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