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Problem-free facetted objects from composite curve profile

Alan Cooper

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The reshape tool in FormZ 8.5.4 creates a smooth object. This is not always as versatile as a facetted object. Turning a reshape from smooth to facetted can produce bad geometry if starting with a composite curve profile produced from polyline, sorry, vector line with spline curve for example.

The attached illustration takes you through a process which will repair the profile so it is fit to use for good facetted results.

There is also a zipped formZ file which additionally includes an example of extruding instead of reshaping. In either case, the profile requires repair.


The key to the repair is: convert the smooth object to facetted and start over again, this time using a composite curve profile taken from the facetted object.post-242-0-02133000-1474788830_thumb.jpg


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Hi Tech, I think this smooth objects problem has been trouble for years. I hope we get an option in the next version to work in FormZ entirely with facetted solids as I think I have little or no need of smooth objects for my work. These renders from today's modelling are facetted solids with no smooth solids at all. Adequate for me.




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Hi Alan,


When converting, if you use the Polygon Mesh tool (or Display Resolution) set to Expert Options: Polygon Type: No Triangles: Quad Tree, then you should be able to avoid this issue.


Thanks again for bringing this to our attention, we will get it corrected.

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Hi Tech,


Thank you. Will you be releasing 8.5.6 imminently to overcome the reshape by distance issue in 8.5.5 which others have mentioned on the 8.5.5 release thread? I mention this because if so, perhaps 'No Triangles' could be made default, if it isn't already.


Best regards,



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