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Extend Tool - Result Buffer Option


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It would be great to have an option for the Extend Tool, or better yet, a new Tool "Live Extend" that would allow for a result buffer enabling the distance for the extend to be entered, previewed and edited.  I use the Reshape tool this way and would love for the Extend to have this functionality as well.

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I wanted to clarify my suggestion.  It could be applied as one of two options:


1.   Adding a Live Update or "Rubber Banding" action to the Extend tool.

2.   Adding an additional option for the Reshape Tool.  The Reshape Tool is a type of face extension with 2 options; "Perpendicular to Ref Plane" and "Perpendicular to Surface", I would like a third option - "Extend from Surface" where the perimeter segments would be extended pushing the face out the distance entered in the numeric input field.


The limitation of the current Extend Tool is that once fired it can not be "Rubber Banded" as the reshape tool allows for.

It would also be helpful to have the same "rubber banding" for the extend segment tool as well.



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