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Help Wanted for simple details drawings by end of tomorrow

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Hey guys,


I have 2 small product stands that I need detailed out by end of the day tomorrow.  Normally, these don't take a lot time to do, but I'm completely slammed and running on fumes over here.  I've attached screenshots of the stands in question, as well as a screenshot of a sample layout.  


While I do have formZ 8.5, I still work in 6.  I'll supply the model file, as well as the drafting template I use.  But need someone to do dimensions of each stand and supply the files in PDF format.  I'll also need to have a copy of the dimensions file in case I need to alter anything.  I need these completed by end of the day tomorrow.


I'm only able to offer $150 US total for this ($50/hour for 3 hours).  If interested, shoot me an email at doyle@brileydesign.com.







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Thanks for taking care of this Anton!  Everything was good and we started production on one of the stands.





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