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More roof types

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  • I'd love to see parametric functionality for the roofs.  That is, you can edit and adjust the roof the fact, change slopes of one or another face, etc.
  • The ability to project faces to a roof would be desirable.  Now you can do this to the face of an object, but not to the multiple faces that are the underside of a roof (at once).  A major time saver and basic design feature that every architectural modeling system has.
  • That latter feature could be used to quickly send walls or massing vertically to a roof object (which  is a complex roof).  Or likewise, to send one roof horizontally to intersect to another, even if there are hips and valleys etc.  Right now these operations require a complex series of improvised cuts/trims and other operations.  But again, these are basic design issues really necessary to model architectural forms with any speed.


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