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1  Is there a reason for having a separate command for open and import? Couldnt FZ just know what to do?


2  Is there a reason for not using the object centroid when scaling in a orthagonal view. To my mind it would make more sense to keep the z depth centroid position of the object being scaled. As it is now I always have to "move the object back" after scaling.


3  Is there a reason you must right click "away" from the selected object in order to invoke the isolate command?


4  What is the purpose of the colour AND the red dot in the materials palette. Is there some functionality here that I am missing. I am forever thinking the highlite colour indicates the selected material.



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1.  Yes, I suppose that could be possible.


2.  If you want to scale by an object centroid, just make sure to snap to it when you start scaling.  Or if you have the origin of the object set to its centroid (which you can check or set with the Edit Object Axes tool), then you can also just scale the object with the Transform tool to get what you want.


3.  You shouldn't have to and we don't.  Please submit a bug report with a file and steps if you are able to reproduce this.


4.  When viewing materials by List (name) view, the red  dot makes the material active.  Highlighting one or more materials allows you to select multiple materials so you can move, group, delete, or perform other operations an many materials at once.  If you want to make a material active, click the dot icon to the left of the name of the material.

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