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any help please how to model this tent

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Hi Phil,


Welcome to the forum!  :)


That is going to require a fair bit of knowledge regarding the NURBS and other organic tools to create this shape.  If you are not familiar with these yet, you should definitely practice on more simple shapes first to understand how everything works before trying to tackle the more complex shape.  This tutorial is for an older version of formZ, but should still  apply in general:




Does that get you going in the right direction?

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Hi Phil.

What is a grey shape underneath?

Basically you can create a shape like this in FormZ. It is not going to look as natural as you it could be if it made in apps with real physics like Marvelous Designer or Blender:



Besides, from the draft you provided shape does not seem to be really elegant.

Here is a model



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That's correct. You can see the front corner of the sheet is very round - where no sharpness has been applied. If you select one of the four corner points at the boundary and increase the sharpness, they will look more like the corner of a rectangular object.


I find SubD's a good tool for this because of the naturally 'stretchy' nature of the geometry. Good luck!



thanks had a look at the file....great help thank you 

so when you use the control point to pull the peak can you adjust the settings to make it sharper...more pointed


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This is something I wrestled with the in past also - I used a serious of guidelines and guided lofts to get an approximate 3d model of this type of structure. Sub D tool could be worth a look though - thanks for the file above..

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