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360º Renders

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I recently saw a render by a company on their facebook page that was an interactive 360º view. You clicked and dragged mouse to rotate yourself around a central point allowing you to look at all the points of the interior of a room. Very similar to if you take a panoramic picture on iphone and post to facebook.


I downloaded the render and what i got was a flat image that was obviously a kind of panormaic view but that also allowed you to look up and down.


Is there a way in Form Z of setting a central point in a space and having it create a render like that. I have attached the image for reference.


Has anyone done anything like this before?


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You can easily render a pano with a number of quadratic images rotated at 90 degrees to each other. There are a number of tools available to take these source images and output panoramas. Equirectangular images like the one Maxwell produces is just one. Keep the concepts of stitching or otherwise converting still imgages with tools like PTGUI apart from panoramic tour creation tools that can output flash or HTML5 format files to be viewed in a webbrowser VR headset or otherwise. I use Garden Gnome Pano2VR to create web based content. For VR there is a viewer called IRIS and another viewer built for Oculus Rift that can take equirectangular images for instance.



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Have you tried the cubic render option on render zone? 


Go to 'display' menu > 'render cubic panorama'.


You can than view this with the bit of code in a web browser. You need something like 'tour weaver' or 'pano2VR' to add hotspots etc. and get the most out of it.


Have tried this and got good results after a bit of internet research.

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