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Select Object from Object palette fail

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I think it would be nice if I picked an object by selecting the red check column in the object palette the whole object gets selected regardless of the topological selection level.


Right now the object selection by the object palette forbids you from making a selection if the topological level is not "Object" or Auto. I click and nothing happens, it feels like it is broken.


Surely this has been covered somewhere else but I couldn't find a discussion, sorry if it is a repeat.

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Hi Bart,


The Topological / Part Level should not have any affect on picking objects via the Objects Palette.  If you Relaunch formZ, get a New Project, and draw a few cubes, can you reproduce the problem there?


Or if this only happens in another file, can you send that so we can test with it here?

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OK, I can't reproduce it but it happens to me all the time.


I will say that I could be REALLY dumb. 


I just tried to reproduce the situation and thought I had a sure fire example when I realized I was trying to pick an object in the Object palette and it wouldn't pick!
Then I noticed I had the 3D text tool selected from the previous operation. 

Seems obvious that I couldn't pre-select a ( non 3D text) object with this tool picked.


Ill see if I can keep tracking this down, It could be a PEBKAC issue.



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++1  Clicking a selection in the Object Palette should always select the object.


It is time consuming to have to switch back to the pick tool prior to selecting objects from the list.  This happens almost all the time for me and I am now in the habit of always key-sct selecting the pick tool and key-sct selecting auto topology prior to selecting from the Palette.  It adds up to a lot of extra keystrokes.  I too will try to spend some time to investigate and report more thoroughly.

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