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When editing the parameters of a note the "Okay" button should be applied by the Enter Key.

The Return key should be a carriage return.

The Apply button should be abolished and edits should be applied upon hitting Enter to close the dialog.


My normal behavior is to edit the note, then hit Enter thinking I'm applying the edit and exiting the dialog, but instead this adds a carriage return.  I then delete the carriage return and mouse over to the "Okay" button which exits the dialog and ignores my edit, because I didn't think to hit the Apply button (which does not apply the edit in the workspace as would be expected).  I'm back where I started and have to go back in and re-edit.

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This is also the case with the Text tool.  I reported this as a bug a while ago.


As it really is a bug.  Past versions behave as expected.

Edited by Chris lund

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