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Object Type Options while Drawing from Shapes Tool Palette Tools

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Tools in the Draw 1 Tools Palette (rectangles, circles, ellipses, etc) allow for OPT toggling between the different object type options during creation, e.g., 2D, 2D Wall, 3D Extrusion, 3D extrusion to point etc.


Tools in the Shape Tools Palette (V-line, spline, arcs, etc) do not seem to offer the OPT toggling. The extrude needs to be selected prior to generation.  Could OPT toggling functionality be added for these shapes?
I've also noticed that if drawing is started with 2D or 2D Wall that the OPT toggling is also not available, even for Draw 1 Tools. If the object is drawn in 2D and the result buffer is still orange, could OPT toggling work then?

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