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Maxwell Sea

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I wonder if I could render an animation of a Sea from a top view, export a Deep Channel alpha image sequence and then use it as a bump/displacement map in an MXM of water. I still need to investigate how to animate a texted in Maxwell. Is it as simple as just assigning a .mov or mpg4 to an image channel in MXED? Not at my computer today to be able to test.

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Hi Setz,


Perhaps render a second pass?

1. Make an alpha mask that exposes only the bits of the Sea that project outside the enclosure. Presumably, those bits will be very small.

2. Render those areas with the Sea off, SL set to a very low number, and Extra SL set to your normal value for the main rendering.

3. Composite


Animated textures are not currently supported. FormZ does not accept image sequences for animated textures (e.g., texture_001.png, texture_002.png, etc., which are required. We have previously requested this capacity from ADS's developers. We will implement it if provided.





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