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Maxwell for formZ - Update Released!


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Hello All formZ users-


Next Limit is please to announce improved versions of both the Maxwell Render Suite and the Maxwell plugin for formZ. In addition to important fixes, this update offers a number of useful new features, including new, faster-rendering dynamically translated materials, a Roundover modifier which applies rounded edges only during rendering, animated Maxwell Seas, and a new "Ambient Field" light type for flooding interiors with soft, diffused light.

Maxwell is the solution for startlingly photorealistic renders from your formZ models. Maxwell for formZ has been in continuous development since 2008— it’s mature, full-featured, and reliable.

Existing customers may download the updated plugin and Maxwell Render Suite from the Next Limit Customer Gateway.


Not yet a customer? Click here to try Maxwell for free.



Public Release Notes:


    • Maxwell Render Suite

    • Option to enable/disable Base MXS animation scheme (Display > Display Options > Maxwell > Scene Tab)
    • When Base MXS animation option enabled, option to always include component meshes in the animated frames, allowing Components to 'Align to View' properly (Display > Display Options > Maxwell > Scene Tab)
    • New pulldown menu in Fire palette to specify the active view or any previously saved view (Palettes > Maxwell Fire)
    • Completely rewritten Object Modifier backend (Extensions > Maxwell Render> Object Modifiers...)
    • New Rendertime rounding/beveling object modifier (Extensions > Maxwell Render > Object Modifiers...)
    • New UI for Blocked Emitters (Extensions > Maxwell Render > Object Modifiers...)
    • New Material hints: "Fast," "Fastest," "Glass Low Reflectivity," "Nickel," "Chromium," "Iron" (Palettes > Material Parameters > Maxwell representation)
    • Material Hints Optimized (To match hints in previous versions of the plugin, adjust "Hint Version" in Extensions > Maxwell Render > Project Settings...)
    • Material Hints in the first category ("Matte" though "Industrial Coating") are ordered from most efficient to least. (Palettes > Material Parameters > Maxwell representation)
    • Any materials using the deprecated hint "Closest Match" are upgraded to the new "Fast" Hint "Closest Match" is now obsolete.
    • New "Ambient Field" light type for flooding interiors with soft, diffused light (Palettes > Lights)
    • Added 'Blur' parameter for Cone light types (Cone Light > Maxwell representation > Parameters tab)
    • Maxwell Sea animation option (Sea parameters > Animate)
    • MXS Reference objects now adopt the name of the MXS scene (in the Objects palette)
    • Additional Layers Export option: Duplicate (Layer) Structure (Display > Display Options > Maxwell > Scene Tab)
    • Plugin Log option to show only warnings and errors (Extensions > Maxwell Render > Log)
    • Plugin Log now shows the layer path and group path for problem objects (Extensions > Maxwell Render > Log)

    • Scatter "Orient Toward Z+" parameter now labeled correctly
    • Scatter in animations working correctly again
    • Components facing view in Fire now render properly
    • Render Area Rectangle works correctly when Image Options set to 'Use Custom Size' and rendering dimensions are larger than viewport
    • Fixed regression where animations with non-animated Referenced MXS objects would not render
    • In Material Parameters palette, missing referenced MXMs are searched for when 'Preview' and 'Update shaded' buttons are clicked
    • Brackets removed from default view name "<Current View>", as these were reported to cause an issue with Rebus renderfarm
    • Object Modifier definitions copy between projects properly
    • Fixed crash when displaying Maxwell Log with extremely long filepaths
    • Fixed crash when adjusting auto-translated emitter material, when applied to multiple objects and Fire enabled
    • Package For Renderfarm works more than once per session
    • Frosted Glass Hint works with color bitmaps
    • Package For Renderfarm works more than once per session (Windows only)
    • Fixed occasional unresponsive UI when updating material preview (Windows only)

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