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version 6.7 does run on the current version of macOS.  However, since we are unable to predict the changes Apple may include in their software years ahead of time, we cannot guarantee that old software will always run on the most current operating system.  When Apple releases the developer betas of a new OS, we immediately test the current version and make any changes to have the patches working and ready when the final version of the OS is released. 


Also, you should be able to export DXF from hidden line (export and export image).  If you are having a problem with a specific file, please post it to the forum of send it to us.

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I agree with Pipo 100%.  The formZ UI is a total eyesore compared to the likes of Rhino, C4D, or CS6.  Super clean, streamline, and easy on the eyes.  The 3D icons are too much for a program that prides itself on simplicity.  Not to mention the giant cluster of palettes in the palette dock.  I hope they take some notes from the previously mentioned programs in terms of UI.  Lock things in place but you can change the sizes of the parts of the window.  If you want more palettes, grab them from the Palettes menu.  There's absolutely no need to drag palettes to and from the Palette Dock.


Tech had mentioned a "list palette" palette in another post which I think is a HUGE step in the right direction.  I'd say that plus the Tool Options is all you need on the right side of the application window. 

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