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Missing Faces When Rendered

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Hi All,


I've designed a  top hat that will be used as a plant pot. It looks good in in 'Shaded Work', but when i Renderzone lots of faces disappear. I've attached the file, could someone take a look a point out where i'm going wrong?!



Thanks Guys

Top Hat.zip

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Hi Hutchy,


Sorry you are having trouble.  It appears that Lightworks is having trouble interpreting some of the Smooth surfaces in your file.  To work around this, go to the RenderZone options, click the Geometry Tab, check the Decompose Non Planar Faces, then go to the Display Menu: Project Rendering Options: Smooth Shading Tab, and check the Render as Facetted option:




Then your file should render properly.  Does that solve it for you?


Thanks for your report, we will get this corrected.

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