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Chris lund

Unfold Special options

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Condition 1:  Loops/Rings;  If an interior segment is clicked on, split the loop at that segment.

                          Right now, to get that condition it takes 11extra steps.

                     If an exterior segment is selected, choose a location close to that  selected segment (though with the first available, it would be silly to ever click on an external      



Condition 2: Simple Developable patterns (where possible)  orient up.   +Z should equate to +Y (on X,Y Plane)    +Z (on X,Z Plane)  etc...

     Right now, this orientation depends on what segment is clicked (interior segments).  To my knowledge it is impossible to tell which segment will give the desired orientation.

         While, this only takes 2 or 3 extra steps,  this condition happens a lot more (for me any way)






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